Key topics

The conference covers a broad field of financial management, but we especially welcome papers that address advances in the topics such as:

Accounting, Auditing, and Performance Evaluation

Auditing Technology

Banking, Accounting, and Finance

Behavioral Accounting and Finance

Complexity in Business and Economics

Corporate finance

Corporate Governance

Credit risk modeling and management

Critical Accounting

Efficiency and performance of financial institutions and bank branches

Electronic Banking

Electronic Crime

Electronic Finance

Environmental accounting

Experimental Design and Process Optimization

Financial accounting

Financial engineering

Financial Markets and Derivatives

Forensic Accounting and Fraud

Intergovernmental fiscal relations

Law and finance

Management accounting

Management Control Systems

Managerial and Financial Accounting

Prevention of fraud and unacceptable accounting practices

Regulation and supervision of the banking industry

Regulations of financial markets

Revenue Management

Risk management and internal control

Tax Accounting and Fraud

Technological progress and banking